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Charles M. Schultz (November 26, 1922-February 12, 2000) Pleasant Hill Cemetary, Sebastopol, California - this reflective bench is emblazoned with his Peanuts characters.

Charles Schultz by Guago reflective bench at Charles Schultz gravesite. NOTE this is NOT his gravesite, but near it. A photo of his actual gravestone is also located on this board. Pleasant Hill Cemetary, Sebastopol, CA

Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah GA

would love to see this. It is the setting for the book and movie, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, a dark, southern gothic novel that is dripping with character and rich settings, not to mention a compelling plot.

Magnolia Cemetery - if ever in Charleston, this is a must visit. My favorite in the area.

Roaslie Raymond White - Infant Daughter of Blake. and Rosalie Raymond White - Born: January 1882 - Died: September 1882 - Magnolia Cemetery - Charleston, Charleston County, South Carolina, USA

In 1705, Margorie McCall died & was buried after a LONG wake. That night, grave robbers exhumed her. They attempted to cut her finger off to remove a ring but while cutting into her finger, Marge woke up & they bounced. She got out of the coffin & walked home.She knocked on the door just as her family gathered at her home.  Deep in grief, her hubby said “if your mother were still alive, I’d swear that was her knock.” He opened the door & she was there, very much alive. He fainted dead away.

The grave of Margorie McCall (who was buried alive in 1705 dug out in time and then reburied after her actual death sometime later). Her grave states "Lived Once Buried Twice.

Boot Hill cemetary in Tombstone Arizona.  Interesting place.  The brochure tells who is buried there and how they died.

"Here lies George Johnson hanged by mistake He was right we was wrong, but we strung him up and now he's gone" Boothill Graveyard,Tombstone, AZ Did the old cowboys have a sense of humor?

Faithful even after death. London, England.

Exquisite Cemetery Statues Creepy and yet hauntingly beautiful works of art. Beautiful and sad :((

Tree engulfing a headstone in Nottingham, UK

Tree Eating a Gravestone

General Cemetery, Nottingham - Too bad this tree ruined the stone. The stone is in good shape except the damage (the crack) caused by pressure from the tree. I'm assuming this is slate and the engraving is certainly beautiful

Washington state's Saar Pioneer Cemetery contains an unusual grave. It's the resting place of John C. Monster (1851-1890) and his child "Baby Monster" (1888-1889).

The word “monster” originally meant “deformed”. A monster could be conjoined twins or a hideously deformed human infant. It was only in the century that monster came to mean any cruel or alien creature. The Saar Pioneer Cemetery, Kent, Washington, USA.

Highgate Cemetery, London. Katriona's father is probably buried in a place much like this.

Highgate is the crown jewel in a city filled with cemeteries. It is both a working burial ground and a museum of Victorian beliefs, technology and architecture