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Magazine rack in my very ornate but tiny half bath.

A De-Stressing Effect A long soak in a tub can help anxiety and worries float away. A study conducted in Osaka, Japan, confirmed the stress-relief effects of bathing. Two sensitive salivary stress markers, cortisol and chromogranin, were measured before and after subjects bathed for 60 minutes.The researchers found a marked reduction in these stress markers.

Espresso Maker Desk Lamp by Beau Birkett

Beau Birkett upcycled an old espresso maker together with a vegetable rack into a stunning stylish desk lamp.

I was going to be traveling last week so I went to the bookstore to try and scrounge up some magazines to take with me. There were FOUR-- count ‘em, FOUR-- glossy magazines about DOGS. Dogs are nice, but really-- 4??? Then there are all the fashio…