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"탱큥붸릥망칭 너뮤귀얍댱 #tysone" "TaengK thank you all very much. It's truly adorable #tysone"

"Ahi- So chilly. Thank you for coming with us in this cold weatherㅜSowon is a group of awesome boys and girls. It's great to see your faces, your faces like a blanket keeps warm #tysone"

"I believe this is during singing Gee in our most recent tour There is something that I always feel, is that why all of our hair stand up during this part? Electricity static? There is something like that? Everyone's hair looks so funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋBut, my hair couldn't be better, right #TYsone #ggtour

"I was very delight last night It was the first Korea concert for a while, I had a chance to sing with all my might from being filled with everyone's loves. I think it was the best Christmas gift for me, for everyone who came along, thank you so much #smweek #tysone"