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*Son-Neko - deviantART Rose and Haha I love the wallpaper and the hair moving behind the couch cracked me up.

I love how you can see him say, "oops" then he looks at Clara like, "Clara, I broke it. What do I do?"

The Times Photoshoot

Doctor who theme song with invented lyrics. Wow...just...wow. This is flipping fantastic!

( Boy singing the Doctor Who theme song ( With lyrics ) ) the link will take you to cheeseburger you need to type .every time I hear the doctor who theme .

Aww! Cept her hair wasn't that long haha

Rose and the Doctor. Her hair is too long, though.

Doctor Who before/after  A quote from below it "I don't know anyone who has watched just one episode of Doctor Who. I don't think it's humanly possible to watch a full episode and say, "Well that was nice, I think I'm done with that show." Maybe..."  that pretty much says it....

I Love Doctor Who

This is exactly what happened to me wallabri: “ So Liam and I started watching Doctor Who… ”

Moffat, please let this happen! Language sorry

My Doctor's TARDIS

Haha I kinda like that idea! The inhaler thing is hilarious :)

Matt Smith on Twilight!!! Totally agree with him!!!

Matt Smith on Twilight

Matt Smith on Twilight. I love twilight and Dracula, but this is too funny!


Before I go…

Doctor Who/Beauty & the Beast Crossover. One pinner said: "The Beast is a metaphor for how he was left after the Time War rather than how he looked. And Rose healed him.

Ha! Why I LOVE Donna Noble!

I love Donna, and Martha's face in the background of the last panel is hilarious! Martha and Donna are my favorite companions!

What's the big secret with Doctor Who's real name? H. Caldwell Tanner of Loldwell ventures a guess in this comic.

If Doctor Who Had a Facebook Account [COMIC]

This entire strip was just an excuse to use the word "whomour," a word which was devised roughly a year ago by my friend, colleague and fellow Whovian Tom Philip. Tom also wrote the script for this comic and we…


Doctor Who, Captain Jack- Oh god, this is too good. ~Doctor Who

Your Favorite Disney Princesses Are The Doctor's Newest Companions

Your Favorite Disney Princesses Are The Doctor's Newest Companions