Parker + Hardison {GIFset} Pretzels :) #HackerTheif

Parker + Hardison {GIFset} Pretzels :) This scene was so funny and yet so adorable! I love Parker and Hardison!

Leverage - Nate. This is still a fav. I watch re-runs all the time.

Leverage - Nate--- sometime bad guys make the best good guys

Leverage staring contest with a turtle

Leverage - Nate winning a staring contest with a turtle

Hyper Parker on chocolate isn't really all that different from regular Parker.

The only reason this isn't me is the simple yet "unbelievable" fact that sugar & caffeine don't affect my energy level

You know Hardison was appreciating his Parker cuddle time.

I appreciate big tough Eliot smiling at Parkers affection for him