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Who would've known these could be beautiful?

Are you in need of some dates? Well, you're in luck. Here's some fun for crafting from my ephemera stash--vintage library book due dates stamped by the hands of school librarians on the front piece to "A True Book of Plants We Know.

it's the one thing you can actually believe from them.

Believe it the second time for sure

it's almost poetic.

it's almost poetic.

Our speech needs to speak Biblical truth even if we are alittle nervous.  God will be glorified.

Speak the truth even if your voice shakes. My voice was definitely shaking with this post but it's my truth.

“Wait, you.”  The statement interrupted the air.  Elya turned to look.  Over the candelabrum, Kastan pointed a finger at Orim.  “I remember you!  You were the fellow in the Market who burst out singing about how ‘Perhaps he’s going to buy some goats and chickens’ as I passed.”  He scowled at the minstrel, who wore a smug smirk.  “I am not a farmer.  I am a groom.”

I love traveling with my great travel buddy. We have fun anytime we are together, especially when we are able to travel and explore new places with one another.