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Which fast food chain are you most like?

Which Fast Food Chain Are You?

Which Fast Food Chain Are You? You got: Starbucks Starbucks Oh hey, fancy person. (Or at least you’re a regular person who likes to make others think you’re fancy.) You enjoy the finer things in life: Choice java, seasonal foods, and Motown compilations. Mar 14

This Video of a Baby Meeting His Dad's Twin Brother Has 2 Million Views For Good Reason

Dark, dreary nights have you down? Do you have a case of the seasonal blahs? This classic Italian soup will set you right. Light and bright in flavor (a generous slug of cider vinegar is not, I repeat, not, optional), yet hearty and wholesome (thank you,

Name foods! come on people!! seriously gonna do this! i have gym everyother day and i need to cut down soo help!!

5 healthier choices to make at fast food restaurants

TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer quizzes Hoda and Jenna on which menu items you should choose at fast food restaurants including McDonald’s,...

This McDonald's Happy Meal Hasn't Been Touched In 6 Years

Are you a Burger Nerd? Want to see if you know a few things about Burgers? Click the pic to go to The Burger Nerd's Quiz. #fun #quiz #test #foodie

Which McDonald's Menu Item Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Carrie Bradshaw's date dressing tips