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"Why do two colors put next to each other sing? Can one really explain this? No.  Just like one can never learn how to paint."  ~ Pablo Picasso

Cool, a rainbow zipper of colored pencils! Using the staple clips as a thing to zip.

Japan-based artist Nasa Funahara uses decorative masking tape to recreate classic paintings by Vincent van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer,...

Classic Paintings Recreated With Decorative Masking Tape

Mona Lisa recreated in Washi tape (decorative masking tape) by Nasa Funahara

Musings of Life

༺✺❥Charmeleon Collections❥✺༻ "Our Colourful World" Rainbow Stairs - Istanbul, Turkey

Pencil vs. Camera Geometry (10x15 in.). Pencil vs. Camera Geometry is a part of Ben Heine's series, "Pencil Vs Camera" in which the artist creates 3D fantasy worlds through the combined use of meticulous graphite drawings, and beautifully captured photography. Using one of his surreal graphite drawings, Ben Heine creates an infinite world transforming a painting into a hallway, a the end being drawn by a tiny man, who is being drawn by Ben Heine.

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11782394_736942703083271_6268443995364880849_o.jpg 783×1,000 pixels

DIY Face Masks : I am going to paint Romance On The Beach at Pinot's Palette – Galleria to di…

Cute photography & a simple picture!

I see myself as a crayon. I may not be your favourite colour, But i know someday you will need me to complete your picture.