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She is cool, she is sexy and most of all, she is FOXY! - Presenting Vladi Foxy Lady!

Vladi Shock - More than awesome enough to shake you up this lazy day! ;)

Vladi Voshka - Try it once and you are gonna be enslaved by it... Forever!

Better luck in the next life, girls. All the boys have already fallen hell bent in love with Mary. Vladi Mary!

Vladi Mud Slide: With a little help from it, your week can soon slide down to weekend! :D

Vladi Sunny - Here comes the Shine!!

Showing love is an quite not sufficient. How about Vladi Choco Love instead?!

After this all you will say is "Suuuuweeeeet"!

Passion Pulse... Gonna raise your pulse for sure alright... ;)

Classic Vodkatini, It's Vodka, It's a Martini!!! Now you know how to shy off the mid week blues!

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