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12 At Home Leg Day Workout for Women

12 At Home Leg Day Workout for Women. The following leg day workout routine is very effective and diversify that can be perform in any order. As you progre

Firm Your Butt in 6 Moves

Firm Lower Body in 6 Moves. Last night we did this challenge... give it a go!!!! Love it when it burns because then you know it works

Join our 30 day burpee challenge to work your entire body and strengthen your core in under a month. Simply print out the plan and perform the number of burpees for each day. If you already feel confident with your burpees, ramp up your challenge by doubling the time each day! UNSURE OF HOW TO DO PROPERLY BURPEES? CHECK OUT OUR 'HOW TO' VIDEO! #burpee #fitnesschallenge #30daychallenge #burpeechallenge #workout #coreworkout #wholebodyworkout

KPIs or Key Performance Indicators are the selected measures that provide visibility into the performance of a business and enable decision makers to take action in achieving the desired outcomes. Typically, KPIs are monitored and distributed in dashboards or scorecards to provide everyone in the organization with an understanding of the strategy implementation progress. To …

This blog post is a must read for all teachers!!! Research shows that when students track their own learning and data they perform better on high stakes tests, have increased intrinsic motivation, and do better in school. This post walks you through a super clear step-by-step process to help you start implementing Student Data Tracking binders in your classroom! So easy and so much positive change in the classroom!$

I’m still in the transformative process, and it seems so messy and slow. I should have been further by now. I condemn, but Jesus doesn’t. And no matter how long it takes, or how messy it gets, God doesn’t quit. -Michele Lyn Ault, team writer for Hope for the Weary Mom

Hmmm....something to think about. Great ideas for keeping data binders. Since teacher's jobs may be tied to student performance very soon (in Ohio), these would be an invaluable tool to track student growth, especially in a special education classrooms where the disabilities are so severe that growth is very small. // Search terms: Reflective teaching, reflection

Architects Versus Economists: The Battle for the Future of Urbanism, From Honduras to Upstate New York - Great cities are works in progress. Their forms are nurtured over time, left over by generations like layers of geological strata. But in the past few years, the demand for cities has spiked exponentially, with little time allotted for their painstaking maturation.