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beste 10 duikstekken duitsland

beste 10 duikstekken duitsland

Sea Fan :  75 % of sea fans were killed off by a land-dwelling fungus from red soil due to deforestation or from African dirt absorbed into rain. It was a full-scale epidemic of sea-fans.- The Ocean of life

Coral Identification: Types Of Coral (Part 2- Soft Coral)

eleven hauntingly beautiful underwater sites

11 Hauntingly Beautiful Underwater Sites

We live in a beautiful world, but some of the most mesmerizing sites take a little digging (or diving) to find.

Colorful coral reefs off the coast of Raja Ampat via scottygraham.blogspot.ca

I took this photo on a reef named after me.we may have been the first people to ever dive in this spot, and I liked it so much, my friend Max named the site after me. // By Scotty Graham

The reef at Beatrice Rock is prized by underwater photographers for its Technicolor riot of corals and mobs of schooling anthias. The site — off the Anilao region on the Luzon coast — offers a pinnacle, a series of drop-offs and spectacular viz.

In the heart of the Coral Triangle, the Philippines is home to a greater diversity of marine species than anywhere else in the world. But with more than islands, where should dive travelers begin? Diving the P.

yellow tank- they are all over in hawaii

yellow tank- they are all over in hawaii

Everything you desire — comehitherbretheren:

I remember, looking at the ocean from under the water like this. I can feel the warm water and the pressure.


Photo and caption by Matthew Smith Despite their potentially dangerous sting, the bluebottle cnidaria is an amazingly beautiful creature. I wanted to demonstrate this with careful lighting and.