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Day 15. Not a drawing but felting today! *work in progress*

Hello friends! Today I killed a bug and then felt sorry for killing it with a spray. Trust me, you don’t want to hear the description of the bug or how it died. I thought afterwards that it w…

Day 248: Retro Scandinavian Owl

Today’s challenge was to find 10 new uses for GPS. All I could think of was The Jetsons and all of the super-cool automated things they had. When I was a kid, it seemed so silly and impossib…

Day 4 - Artwork a day - personal 30 day challenge I felt a little challenged today, working with a combination of media that I don't usually work with. It was an experiment to see how it would turn out.

Taking on new challenge today? You are About To Own This When taking on something new, remember how you felt when you first tried a thing and were successful. Draw confidence from that experience and bring it forward into this moment. Take the New on with confidence and enthusiasm.

Art Challenge Day 02 by on @DeviantArt OK! Here's today's upload for my art challenge by Erin. Thisfirst page is all about the Old Man studies I'm doing for Gavin's lil pet project. Still trying to crack my brain over how to get it done right. The second page is meant to be specifically for Dogs. But then I suddenly felt like drawing cats all of the sudden...thought that perhaps some meowsers in the page would add some sort of balance?