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I do this all the time. I can't get through an episode of PLL without getting upset at their sad interpretation of swimming.

In dolphin tale (the first one) the guy who is supposedly a state champ finishes wrong and does everything wrong it drives me insane

Wow...how wonderful would that be? Loollll please let me know if you get a good one.

You mean a ref who actually knows his lefts from rights and knows when the other team is flopping around in the net like fish? Not to mention, one that doesn't fall off the stand?

We need to talk is the WORST! I get soo freaked out I'm like ummmm....... yes?

Teenager Post There are five types of fear. terror panic 14 missed calls from mom username or password incorrect we need to talk

YES!!!!! And the teacher happens to be near you when it happens ALWAYS -.\ #TeenagerPost #TeenagersOnly

Teenager Post *phone vibrates at home* you can barely hear it. *phone vibrates at school* FREAKING EARTHQUAKE!

This is why I hate the fuzzy socks with the sticky rubber things on the bottom. They were literally made so you cannot slide but what's the fun in that?

Teenager Post - THICK SOCKS: To be warm. To slide across Floor like freakin ninja!

Very very depressing...

Oh, you mean that moment where I promptly faceplant into the table and die? (Try Not To Laugh Teenager Posts)

Math is radical! See what I did there? No ok.

Lol sometimes I end up laughing so hard that they either looks at me strangely and ignore my joke or start laughing because of my laugh

Who doesnt do that I mean DRAGONS

Who doesnt do that I mean DRAGONS hehehehe>>> Iyea and all the kids at my school r legit smoking in class and getting high and it's freakin grade