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Gigi the snow magnet

our little dog, long haired doxie, with snowballs stuck all over her chest.

Another great find on #zulily! Dachshund Snow Stemless Wineglass - Set of Four by Susquehanna Glass #zulilyfinds

Susquehanna Glass Dachshund Snow Stemless Wine Glass - Set of Four

Love this Dachshund Snow Stemless Wineglass - Set of Four by Susquehanna Glass on

Don't forgets the treats, mom, an the toys, an the chew bone, an we really could use a new blanky. No,no, not the dress, we no need clothes.

This makes me laugh because Chloe has decided she doesn't like hot dogs ever since we got Jäger.even though she knows hot dogs are not made of dogs.

Look At This...: Funny Dog Pictures

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what kind of puppy is this?

Cavilier King Charles Spaniel is my favorite kind of dog. Bristol is half Cavilier King Charles Spaniel.

Found my future pet, HAHAHAHA suckers<<< PERFECT now I just have to convince my mom.  Me: Can I have a fox Mom: no Me: Why not they're adorable and these ones are tame Mom: because I said so Basically how that conversations going to go

WTF fun fact 993 you can buy tame foxes onlin, they cuddle like a cat but act like a dog.

That is one cute doggie =)

Funny pictures about Special delivery. Oh, and cool pics about Special delivery. Also, Special delivery photos.

Weenie dog 101..

Dachshund reading Doxie Moxie book with her glasses on.