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Sochaczewska - Antyki i Sztuka - Allegro.pl. Więcej niż aukcje.

Sochaczewska - Antyki i Sztuka - Allegro.

Perspective in space.

Perspective in space.

Perspective in space proportions - just when you thought you knew how vast the universe was./ Cosmos / Universo / Milki Way Galaxy / Earth / Solar System / Universe / Galactic

The labels on the light ray with different pieces of information each are informative and blend in with the background. The light ray also resembles a spaceship, which gives me some ideas.

is that can take on many forms. Radio microwaves, infrared, visible, ultraviolet, X-ray and gamma radiation are all different forms of light. (Illustration: NASA/CXC/M.

Matthew Simmonds, ...\\ on ArtStack #matthew-simmonds #art

RL British artist Matthew Simmonds carves detailed and solitary architectural interiors into a corner or side of a piece of marble leaving the natural edges of the rocks juxtaposed with his small, finished spaces.

Sochaczewska - cykl Konie - Nieograniczony 52x40cm

Sochaczewska - cykl Konie - Nieograniczony 52x40cm

Gods eye is always watching us all.

ESO's Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope for Astronomy (VISTA) has captured this unusual view of the Helix Nebula (NGC in this space wallpaper. The Helix Nebula is a planetary nebula located 700 light-years away.

Timeline of the Far Future

Infographics: timeline of the far future

BBC future timeline - The BBC future timeline infographic is a theoretical look at the far distant future of our planet. The Timeline of the Far Future take us thousands.

imgur: the simple image sharer

50 Amazing Facts About the Moon [Infographic] image 50 facts about the moon 2

Interstellar explained

Interstellar science Wormhole travel across the universe and supergiant black holes are just some of the wonders seen in the film 'Interstellar.

PHD Comics: Super Massive Black Holes

Super Massive Black Holes by PHD Comics. Sagittarius A*, the super massive black hole at the center of the Milky Way, has a mass million times the mass of our sun, and a diameter equal to the distance between the sun and Mercury.

If you think you're having a bad day, just look at these pictures...

If you think you're having a bad day, just look at these pictures...

The Nearest Stars to Earth Infographic

The nearest stars, their distances in light-years, spectral types and known planets. Only 9 of the stars within 15 light years can be seen with the unaided eye from Earth.


General formula sheet helpful for students of physics (statistical mechanicals, electrostatics, quantum mechanics, and motion)

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