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L'ONU sonne l'alarme : « La haute-commissaire des droits de l'homme de l'ONU, Navi Pillay, se dit «alarmée» par ce qu'elle qualifie de tentative de restreindre le droit d'association dans le cadre du mouvement de contestation étudiant au Québec. »

Nicholas Stern: 'I got it wrong on climate change – it's far, far worse'

Nicholas Stern: 'I got it wrong on climate change – it's far, far worse'. Author of 2006 review speaks out on danger to economies as planet absorbs less carbon and is 'on track' for 4C rise. Lord Stern now believes he should have been more ‘blunt’ about threat to economies from temperature rises. Photograph: Sarah Lee for the Guardian. #WEF

Climate Policy Is Paralyzed, but the Climate Isn't

"Climate Policy Is Paralyzed, but the Climate Isn’t By ANDREW C. REVKIN While American energy and climate policy remain paralyzed, physics isn’t standing still. And the science pointing to big, long-lasting consequences for the world from the buildup of greenhouse gases continues to accumulate..." This is from 2010 but the point remains the same

Happy Birthday, Beverly Cleary!

Ruminants include yaks like this one, giraffes, camels, goats, cattle, some antelopes. Photo©Getty Images

Contribution of local animal populations to human Salmonella infections overstated

This is a population of cows. They interact with the environment by eating the grass then decomposing it and making manure for planting. They help make milk for people to drink also. They can be used for meat.

Nasa's animations: from the perpetual oceans to the surface of the sun and moon

Nasa's animators at the Goddard Space centre produce beautiful data-based visualisations that tell you something about the universe.