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Sweet Potato: Loaded with carotenoids, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. Bake then mix in some unsweetened applesauce for extra moisture and sweetness.

16 Brain Foods You Should Eat To Boost Productivity

16 Brain Foods You Should Eat To Boost Productivity

16 Brain Foods You Should Eat To Boost Productivity. sorry for posting all the brain food pins i'm just trying to figure out how to boost my energy level since i'm pretty low on sleep

#protein high protein foods by nell

Protein source Chart: Sugar Blossoms: What's Your Protein IQ?

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Every food you eat enters your blood stream and flows to the brain, affecting the way you think, feel and work. By eating correctly you can boost your brain power as much as according to the World Health Organization ‪

5 of the Best Brain Food - If you know of anyone that's suffering from depression, anxiety, or other mental illness and nothing has worked for them, you might want to learn about a new treatment that's "curing" these types of patients. Uses an MRI on the brain, is non evasive, and patient drives home after. The results are incredible and people claim to have their life back and feel "normal." Kind of reboots the brain after parts seems to stop working. Brings it back to life and neurons…

5 of the Best Brain Foods. chocolate is a brain food that is GOOD for the brain. ok, well, time to start eating more. good excuse to eat lots of chocolate!


Nurture That Noggin: 9 Brain Foods to Keep You Young

We get so wrapped up in finding ways to look young that we forget about caring for our single most important body part: the brain. Boost the chance your brain will stay younger longer by choosing these noggin-nurturing foods brain foods.

Brain Foods You Shouldn't Forget to Eat...

Already had blueberries, green tea and kale WHOOOP

Brain Foods Infographic by A Health Blog, via Flickr

Brain Foods Infographic (choose original size to read it) Check out the website for

5 Great Brain Food Snacks - great for kids of ALL ages! ;)

5 Great Brain Food Snacks

Here are five brain foods and snack ideas for kids to help them do their best in the classroom and beyond.

Brain Foods for the Way We Eat Today | Food Coach NYC

13 Brain Foods - Boost your Brain and Memory - Healthy Eating brain health memory boosting healthy food