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Children will love learning Mandarin while playing over 100 fun interactive games providing hours of quality educational entertainment. No more boring flashcards or tutorials. Our game-based progressive teaching method is specifically designed for 2-8 year olds learning Mandarin as a second language. Your child will comprehend and pronounce up to 240 key words commonly covered in school curriculum.

Teach Kids Mandarin Chinese in a Fun Way

Bin Bin's magical Bubble Adventures: Love this Mandarin total immersion educational videos for toddlers! Click for previews.

117 Animated children's books in Chinese with subtitle in Chinese traditional characters and zuiyin (BoPoMoFo). Audio in clean and standard Mandarin Chinese. Great resource for all level of Chinese. |Quality language learning resource selected by Miss Panda Chinese. #Chinese #reading #books

Rooster will teach your child 20 words for nature and the outdoors in Mandarin as well as writing 4 Chinese characters from this series. Includes 9 progressive games and the animated theme song “Smile to the Sun.” Along your journey, collect toys to play with Pei Pei the Panda in the China Town reward playground.

There aren't many fun games out there to help students memorize the 214 different radicals that make up Chinese characters -- but Sunzi: Hong Kong does just that. The social interaction and competition of gameplay makes the information stick better and faster. It's a good reinforcement to a solid program of extensive reading for people learning Chinese.

CanUHanyu is a Chinese language mobile app embracing flipped classroom education and gamified learning. It consists of a suite of five engaging digital recall games that make learning Chinese enjoyable and accessible, anytime, anywhere. Developed for Education Services Australia and funded by Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, CanUHanyu not only supports the Australian Chinese language curriculum, but has proven to be a hit with children and adults of all ages…