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Good things...

The number one thing u need for hunting is patience. But good things come to those who wait

A vegetarian asked what I felt while shooting deer... I replied, "Recoil."  haha this is so true

A vegetarian asked what I felt while shooting deer. I replied, "Recoil." haha this is so true

Deer rack... ladies are probably envious of this buck's rack...

Should just simply read.Excuse me, My eyes are down here. You know the men be staring at that rack too!

Determine age by track. When I lived out of town, after a rain, I would monitor foot prints found around the place and out in the dirt road.Interesting what you find

Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips and Facts for a Successful hunt. Would be fun to do with kids finding all kinds of tracks on a camp or hike

Find out more about different tips and tricks from various hunters from around the world. Also learn some awesome info about different styles of hunting and learn where to buy hunters' secret accessories.

the world needs more people holding deer in pictures and less people holding cameras in front of bathroom mirrors. Redneck, deer hunting quotes pictures So true

I'm in so much pain these past few days from wisdom teeth. Killing dinner right about now would make me feel better . . . .

Hunting is the shit lov 2 hunt its a way of showing guys a real girl can shoot better than them. i lov it when i can bet other guys i can shoot better than them ive proved them right every time. lov to challenge guys in stuff they do all the time its so m

Hunting whitetail deer has become more and more popular throughout the years. | Reel Lamps | www.reellamps.com 618-521-5302 |

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Whitetail deer typically escape from predators by running through narrow ditches and rows of covers. Hunting near these confined areas could ensure success on your next hunt! Check out this infographic from a hunting lodge in Missouri to learn more.