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Hey gurl

Hay gurl how u doin? Even though he has this creepy grin I would still smile and run into his arms.

damnyouhiddles: “ “[x] ” ”

An entry from Stardust & Wanderlust

Oh *breathy voice*

what's my guilty pleasure? the thing is i never feel guilty about pleasures - cheeky hiddles ;

That look, that little naughty sparkle in his eyes just at the end,,,oh my, oh my...Tom Hiddleston...

26 Celebrity Men Who Want To Spend The Day In Bed With You

Possibly the greatest gif of him being him ever. My heart just stopped for a couple seconds there. <<<<<< I couple seconds? I am pretty sure I just watched this thing for like a straight hour.

i just pinned this exact moment but this gif is zoomed in so I'm pinning it again because 10x more beautiful

As tom scribbled on fans papers or objects you stood in front of the camera with an interviewer at your side “ so… we’ve heard tom gets in to character and becomes very cocky ” said the woman who.

If Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston had a baby.

If Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston had a baby. My ovaries just exploded.