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Beekeeping for Beginners: Bee Supplies to Get Now

Beekeeping for Beginners: Bee Supplies to Get Now - Homesteading and Livestock - MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Thyme 'English'

Thyme is also a powerful detoxifying agent, making it one of many liver detox foods. What’s more, the herb is a great immune system booster that encourages white blood cell formation while increasing resistance to foreign organisms. With cold and flu season upon us, considering adding thyme-based formulas to the medicine cabinet is a great idea. There is a reason the health benefits of thyme has been experienced for all of time.

Beekeeping Supplies - Mann Lake Ltd This and Dadant catalogs most highly recommended for having Everything, and knowing their stuff.

"Feed your bees through the Winter with a beehive candy board." I want to start beekeeping eventually, so I may be glad someday that I pinned this.

Bees are easy to keep and yet hard to keep. They do not take much of your time during their honey making months, but with the pesticides and pests that love to “attack” hives, there is concern daily as to your bees surviving.