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Gates of Hell Zombie Latex Mask

When you want to get your look exactly right and make-up just won’t do, make it real with a mask! Crafted to provide you the highest quality, this Gates .

I'm a piranha!

my friends. I have friends who do these things and I'm getting braces in two weeks. Everyone should be prepared for me to run around saying this all the time. "I'm a piranha"!

Halloween custom

"Parents who know how to do it right…" this WILL be the extremity of my future kids Halloween costumes

The Exorcist

Blair is best known for her role as the possessed child, Regan, in the film The…

Charge it to my Dr. Pepper…

Charge it to my Dr. Pepper…

I'd accept Dr. Pepper as a form of payment.but Who would pay with Dr. Pepper, Who would give it away! <<< me


Tin Foil Head - I can see many ideas for Halloween looking at this! Never thought of using tin foil to make faces!

Super great

"You aren't a disappointment. You are super great and if people get down on you for not being perfect all the time bite their faces off. You are super great and faces are high in protein." - Positive self-esteem shark. Maybe the funniest shark alive.

k7DrcAt.jpg (385×1296)

No, Shirley, you can't.haha you cannot beat Harry Potter, Shirley Temple and Airplane!

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The Exorcist.  Probably the single most disturbing scene - of many disturbing scenes.

The Exorcist This is the first filmed that scared the crap put of me and this was after watching plenty of horror films already!

The Walking Disney Dead... can we take a minute to examine the difference between male clothes and female clothes? Minus the sluty clothing I like this

The Walking Disney Dead. Why haven't they come out with a walking dead type of zombie disney/pixar movie yet?

'The Purge'

Low-Budget Horror Film 'The Purge' Surges Past 'Fast & Furious 6'—Here's Your Box-Office Roundup

I chose this to be the face of Cheshire the Cat's face because it shows such detail of his facial features.

Lots of inspiration, diy & makeup tutorials and all accessories you need to create your own DIY Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat Halloween Costume for Halloween.