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Commonwealth by [Patchett, Ann] // Loved the concept but couldn't get excited about the book itself. 3 stars.

Twitterature (July 2013 Edition)

This oddly structured pageturner from Ann Patchett fuses opera and a hostage crisis–and surprisingly, it works. #beachreading


Commonwealth, Ann Patchett's wonderful new novel, opens with a random occurrence that will ultimately shatter two families. It's a Sunday in 1960s Los Angeles. Fix Keating, a cop, and his wife, Beverly, are hosting a christening party. A latecomer shows up: Bert Cousins from the D.A.'s office, a man Fix barely knows and distinctly hasn't invited. The charming interloper carries a bottle of gin as a makeshift gift, and Fix finds himself pumping Bert's hand, welcoming him.

The latest novel by one of my favorite authors. I might like it better than Bel Canto. It's a close call. Ann Patchett.

Twitterature (June 2013 edition)

Patron Saint of Liars, Ann Patchett. This was Patchett's debut novel, and she's clearly still finding her feet. But the story is solid and compelling and the characters are well-drawn, even if it does lack the depth of her later work. Highly recommended if you loved her short memoir The Getaway Car. (I loved The Getaway Car!)

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Commonwealth by Ann Patchett is one of this year's top books to read for women. Full of humor and heartbreak!

The Very Busy Life of Novelist Ann Patchett. Ann Patchett talks about her new novel, 'Commonwealth,' and the kick she gets out of bookselling (even if it means sometimes staying up half the night mopping).

Commonwealth by Ann Patchett