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Pelican catching fish

Nature: An adult Pacific Brown Pelican with three bait fish in it's pouch in the early morning.

I love silhouette photos and this one is remarkable! What a great family memory captured!

Have you seen a silhouette photo as remarkable as this one? This is the highest viewed photo on PhotographyTalk!

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DONE :) August 2012 :) It's fun to play in the rain! (We're sweet but we're not made out of sugar - we won't melt if we go out and play in the rain! Enjoy it!

A dança é uma conexão com o mundo. E as fotografias da série Conexão Corpo-Mente mostram as fascinantes formas do corpo humano em equilíbrio e harmonia.

Projeto fotográfico Conexão Corpo-Mente registra a beleza do equilíbrio e as possibilidades infinitas do corpo humano

Flooded Woods in Ice Fog on the Lake of Two Mountains in Hudson, Quebec

Flooded Woods in Ice Fog on the Lake of Two Mountains - Eric Girouard Photography


102 year old floating forest in Sydney, Australia (This is the hull of teh SS Ayrfield, a large steam ship condemned to dismantling in Homebush Bay, Australia after WWII).


Robin in winter.the National Bird of England and also the herald of Christmas too by m.this is just adorable. Picture looks like embroidered satin, doesn't it.