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Soft and Moist Siopao Recipe

Soft and Fluffy Siopao

Soft and Moist Siopao Recipe - Siopao is a Filipino version of chinese pork buns or steamed pork buns. sweet and rich filling. Begin marinating pork the night before.

Yema One of my Favorite sweets when I lived in the Philippines~this brings me back to sweet Child hood memories and now I am gonna make it~

Filipino Foods And Recipes - Pinoy foods at its finest.: Yema Recipe - Yema With Toasted Peanuts

How to Make Goldilocks Mamon (Filipino Sponge Cake)

There’s cake and there’s coffee. I made mamon [mah-mon], the dearly loved sponge cake from Goldilocks, the dearly loved bakery back home.

Cascaron a filipino dessert made out of sweet rice flour mixed w/ sugar, rolled into balls, deep fried, then melted brown sugar drizzled on top.  I'm hungry!

or just brown sugary balls. A sweet Filipino snack made out of Mochico (rice flour) that's deep fried and then carmelized with a brown sugar glaze.

This recipe is from the Philippines. It makes the best rolls ever! They are wonderful fresh from the oven, with a little butter or some jam. They also freeze very well, so dont worry about any leftovers (if there are any!). Time to prepare the dough and rising time are not included. SOURCE: WWW.

Filipino Pandesal Bread ( Bread Machine )

Pandesal (Filipino Bread Rolls) | the little epicurean

Pandesal (Filipino Bread Rolls)

I introduce you to one my favorites- pandesal (also commonly spelled as pan de sal). Pandesal is the quintessential bread roll of the Philippines.

Filipino Pandesal Recipe that Actually Tastes Like Pandesal


Filipino Pandesal Recipe that Actually Tastes Like Pandesal.when I went to the Philippines I was addicted to these things 😍

Soft and creamy Filipino candies made with cooked down milk and sugar

Pastillas de Leche

nilupak is a popular Filipino dessert made with mashed cassava, grated coconut and sweetened condensed milk


Discover your next favorite Filipino recipes! Try NILUPAK recipe under Snacks, coconut posted and shared at Credits: Kawaling Pinoy

Best Leche Flan, filipino desert, super easy desert, creme caramel, custard pudding, filipino food. how to cook filipino

Leche Flan (Caramel Pudding) has always been a Filipino favorite dessert. Almost always present in every occasion. I’ve been wanting to make this fo

Mamon (Filipino Sponge Cake)

Mamon (Filipino Sponge Cake)

Soft and fluffy Filipino sponge cake (mamon) - popular to have for breakfasts or snacks.

Bibingka Muffins (Mini Filipino Coconut Rice Cakes) | YummyAddiction.com

Bibingka Muffins

Try these individual sized bibingka muffins - the perfect version of a traditional Filipino dessert made with rice flour and coconut milk.