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letsgowild: “ Red-tailed Comet The Red-tailed comet (Sappho sparganurus) is a medium-sized hummingbird found in the central Andes of Bolivia and Argentina Image source: Glenn Bartley Nature Photography ”

”Red-tailed Comet (Sappho sparganura)” by Glenn Bartley. Red-tailed Comet is a medium sized hummingbird found in the central Andes, Bolivia and Argentina.

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Funny pictures about Let's go girls. Oh, and cool pics about Let's go girls. Also, Let's go girls.

A mixture of precious colors from real life...juxtaposed on black and white...

Blue bird sitting on a sunflower. in honor of my beautiful daughter Amanda who loves sunflowers, and is more beautiful than a blue bird , even this one

The RESPLENDENT QUETZAL is found from Chiapas, Mexico to western Panama in the…

Murfs Wildlife: Resplendent quetzal bokeh photography bird with long green tail

Beautiful Lilac-breaster Roller

Lilac-breasted Roller by Patrick Meier. The national bird of Botswana, this member of the roller family is found in sub-Saharan Africa and the southern Arabian Peninsula.

Great shot! Blue tit

Blue Tit Amazing how these beautiful birds can find water if they need it, even if it is from a faucet!

牠們叫作藍腳鰹鳥,學名Sula nebouxii,是一群生活在太平洋東岸的遷徙性鳥類,只在繁殖和養育雛鳥期間才會聚集在岩岸上。  原文網址: 太平洋魔性之鳥,但長這樣會被欺負吧 | 鍵盤大檸檬 http://www.ettoday.net/dalemon/post/7630#ixzz3SgJHiPye

Male blue-footed booby performing a courtship dance for his mate.also known as "the booby dance".