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Have faith in God.

I actually classify myself as agnostic. Let's face it, nobody really knows but I'll tell you what, a lot of it doesn't make much sense.

One way to describe Christian fundamentalism. But I still think Jesus is a worthy role-model. Rejecting organized religion does not, for me, alter my faith that a Higher Power exists and that living in harmony with it is blessed.

Not the best example... But one that's easy for the uneducated to understand.

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Christianity’s faith-based freakout: Why atheism makes believers so uncomfortable

Witness of Evil God: Meet Joshua!

;) hahahahahahaha or just made himself from joseph's rib.......hahahahahahahahahaha

The only time I have ever seen a man being pregnant is in the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie - Junior.

god prefers kind atheists... seems like thers many more of us than them, huh?

This church earned my respect… I am a Christian, but I do believe this to be true. The sad part is, the Atheist doesn't love God.

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RELIGION is a story to make us feel better, YOUR narcasistic or psychopathic partner is telling you a atory to make you feel like disobeying him/ Her will cause hell to break out. If they want to act like the devil, means you get to leave.

Faith in humanity restored

Faith in humanity restored

Faith In Humanity Restored - 13 Images - Death To Boredom

I feel like "Your Imaginary Friends" should have been in the red scary letters and "Imagery enemies" could have been... Idc white. #I don't what planet people live on but I know life's real. I'm glad your life is amazing.

But then, Satanist =/= Devil Worshiper either. Satanists are LaVeyan Satanists, aka. Atheists with a religion/doctrine.

If you knew a parent that starved some of their kids literally to death while feeding the others more than they need, would you think that parent was loving and worthy of praise and admiration? Would you think there was ANY excuse for what they did? THINK ABOUT IT.

Why is your prayer for food answered, whilst thousands die of hunger every day? Think about what you are really saying when you parrot the mindless traditions you were programmed with.