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Accurate and I love it. Gonna be some hard work keeping up with that. But if Jin could do it, so can I.

True Kpop dancing and step up your game America

I understand this emotion perfectly. I've been feeling very Run lately. This is probably a sign that I'm too far gone.

First of all YE XING DE.Im totally ready to bingo and btw dibidibidis wow fantastic baby

So true, that's why you should be proud of yourself for you are lucky.

Or maybe am in current competition with said 152 hot gorgeous Korean beauties.

My thoughts exactly.... -_-

The end is super funny “But yes, poor YOU”

is horrible when i realize if i forgot it

is horrible when i realize if i forgot it. I lost mine recently and had a mini emotional breakdown

This is what goes through my head all the time. Should I be social or not. I kinda start with no but once I start talking I never shut up.

What I would give to have these two as my shoulder angel-devil XD

LETS SEE! ill do this in BTS-Rap mon is the absolute english speaker! there u have suga whos the wannabe-english-speaker-that-rlly-thinks-he-can-live-in-america. The aegyo master we all know is Jhope! the fail aegyo master is V for sure with his derp faces. And jimin, with those chocolate abs obviously always sleevless or non at all. Cute selca is most probably our handsome jin!

In every group tho: Exo, BTS, you name it>> Actually, INFINITE doesn't have an English speaker (but the rest are so true)

Women's rights

Is this making fun of "ladylike" behaviour or women? I'll take ladylike