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You are a genius

Funny pictures about Silly muggle. Oh, and cool pics about Silly muggle. Also, Silly muggle.


Only one correct answer. Harry Potter cast members choose the one book they'd want to have if they were stranded on a deserted island. The Old Man and the Sea. The Bible. How To Build a Raft.

Correction: Voldemort is The Hand-Sanitizer-Who-Must-Not-BeNamed.

Voldemort = Hand sanitizer Avada Kedavra Germs is what I will say now every time i use hand sanitizer

Harry Potter

Harry Potter

This part really is hilarious! Dan is perfect as Harry <3

I love Half Blood Prince for the humor, and the whole Felix Felicis part is my favorite by far. Also: All hands on deck, Granger and Good to see you, Wallenby. I'm watching the movie now!

Harry has the cloak of invisibility, Ron wants to bring Fred from the dead, and Hermione is intelligent and would do great with the elder wand!

I love this. But none of them are with the Hallow they'd pick! Harry would pick the Stone, Hermione the Cloak, and Ron the Wand.

Exactly! Me and my sisters (18 and 22) always come out of them pretending we're having an epic wizard duel. Yelling all the best spells at each other.    We're cool like that...

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More like the green is "I wanna be a fucking wizard" and the pink is "Did the screenwriters even READ the book!" I LoooooooooooVE HP but all except for the and last 2 films were TERRIBLE!