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What Is Flossing

Flossing isn't supposed to hurt, so let your dentist or hygienist know if it does. Pain could mean you're flossing too hard or incorrectly. But it could also be a sign of gum disease.

Follow this oral health friendly diet sheet to follow better dental care. Pediatric Dentistry of Fredericksburg | #Fredericksburg | #VA | http://www.fredericksburgpediatricdentist.com/

Mother’s Emotion Affect Child’s Oral Health: A Study

Enamel is strong, but it can still be damaged! Certain foods break down and destroy enamel over time, resulting in poor oral health. This infographic has some great, fast tips for A+ dental-health food choices.

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Mission Hills Family Dental shares our favorite tooth-themed products. We're sure you'll find some dental joy on the list.

The Evolution of Dental Floss. floss, sonic electronic toothbrush, gingivitis, oral health, flossing

Ayurvedic Natural Oral Care For Healthy Teeth And Gums

Does an apple a day really keep the dentist away?  How bad is soda for your teeth?  And why is it that we should floss?  Learn more here!

Here are some dental facts to sink your teeth into

Did you know that about of the United States population suffers from some stage of periodontal gum disease? Take a look at some interesting dental facts that you can sink your teeth into.

Infection from decayed baby teeth can damage the adult teeth developing under them. #CavitiesGetAround #DeltaDental

Infection from decayed baby teeth can damage the adult teeth developing under them.

Here are some #dental tips for keeping baby teeth in top shape!  Want to see more informative and #Pinspirational dental tips?  Take a peek at #wcommunitydenta or www.wirickandassociates.com!

Top tips for keeping Baby Teeth healthy: 1 - Assist - most children can't clean their teeth adequately until they can write. 3 - Brush teeth twice a day. In the morning and before bedtime.

3/6 - good and bad foods for oral health for kids inforgraphic - Google Search

Try the Children's Dental Health Month Challenge and tackle sugar! Never put sugary drinks in bottles or sippy cups, brush twice a day for two minutes, and take your kids to see a dentist every six months.

Floss at least once a day! http://www.ferberdental.com

How Often Should You Floss Your Teeth a Day?

You miss cleaning of your tooth surfaces by not flossing. Does your family floss every day?