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Ida Elina Awakens Fine Art through Makeup Make way for a makeup artist who truly knows how to stand out! Ida Elina, working in Helsinki, Finland (now in London), loves pushing the boundaries when it comes to colours and shapes. Using the human face as a canvas, she embraces the classic art of painting as inspiration for her style. ... Read More

NEW blog post from Furless: ROCKING EYESHADOW When it comes to flaunting our peepers, it's important to understand the art of eye shadow. From frosty pastels to smoky neutrals, you can have a blast experimenting with different colour and textures to create a your own look. There are a variety of eye shadow styles you may try to accent your eyes and open those beautiful windows to the soul. READ MORE:

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Oscar's Law: Stop the Cruelty Behind Puppy Mills -

Furless Gets Up Close & Personal With Jordy Cannon.

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