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One question. Where do people get the idea that Emma and Jefferson were a thing? They literally had 1 episode together and it was about him basically kidnapping her and her thinking he was crazy.

Once Upon A Time. Emma and her love interests. Neal and Swanfire, August. Captain Hook and Captain Swan she didn't fall in love with August

That's better, Josh Dallas! Nice #duckface, Lana Parrilla! Lovely Jennifer Morrison. How mysterious, Colin O'Donoghue! For more great GMA Twitter Mirror pics, CLICK HERE: http://gma.yahoo.com/photos/twitter-mirror-1395165719-slideshow/

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Once upon a time - Captain Hook - Colin O'donoghue - Killian Jones - Jennifer Morrison - Emma Swan – Captain Swan – OUAT -Regina Mills – Evil Queen – Lana Parrilla – Evil Regal - David Nolan - Prince Charming - Josh Dallas


Once Upon a Time quotes: "It is dangerous to confuse vengeance with justice" - Mulan -

Gets me every time :P (Once Upon A Time)

Robert said in a interview one time that the first time he did it, it just sort of slipped out; it wasn't in the script or anything XD I love his laugh so much

I prefer the cartoon sassy Hades.---->>>>>Like same!!!!

The funny thing is though I never even made the connection between Rumplestiltskin and the one from Shrek and now my eyes cannot unsee it. I can just imagine him being like *BELLE! GET ME MY ANGRY WIG!

Once Upon A Time Quote S3:13. Ahahaha, also known as jail :P

Killian Jones (Captain Hook) and Emma Swan discussing the wonderful meals they serve in jail.

I have probably posted this before but...Disney didn't prepare me for this

Once upon a Disney…

My childhood never prepared me for this. (Once Upon a Time) Then again, I don't think anyone's childhood prepared them for this.