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There’s a great new product on Kickstarter called the Zero Hour Modular Tactical Battery Backup Flashlight. It is the first of its kind; combining 1,000 Lumens in LED power and a 10,000mAh USB power backup system. It is also waterproof.  Now, those that protect our lives and our freedom can have the power to search through the darkest of nights and charge their communication devices or other USB items at the same time.

ZeroHour is a modular tactical battery backup flashlight that can charge smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices. ZeroHour features a lumen LED, up to of USB backup power, and a revolutionary modular component design.

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SWASH™ system gets your clothes looking and feeling their best. Dewrinkle, Refresh, Restore, and Preserve your clothes for results never before achievable at home with the SWASH system’s express clothing care.

OLYMPUS - DP-211 Digital Voice Note-taker - OLYMPUS - DP-211 Digital Voice Note-taker Ease Of Use And Reliability For Your Everyday Use The DP-211 maintains the same sense of convenience and ease-of-use of analog recorders, but provides even more memory, enhanced battery life and a larger LCD screen. The design incorporates large function buttons that make recording effortless. The DP-211 is specially designed to be even simpler to use than a tape based devise. Fans of analogue recorders…

Olympus Digital Voice Recorder 202 Hours Of Recording Time - Memory 80 Hours Battery Life Large LCD And Speaker Calendar Search Function

The Netatmo Weather Station, the weather station designed for iPhone and iPad, wifi weather station, air quality monitoring and wireless weather station.

Experience the comfort of a Smart Home: Smart Thermostat, Security Camera with Face Recognition, Weather Station


Shop Nomad for our powerful and durable ballistic nylon braided charging cables.


Zerohour | Battery Backup Flashlight

The ZeroHour is a flashlight and a backup battery in one package! Made of durable aircraft aluminum, Zerohour is equipped with a powerful lumen CREE LED bulb, and a power source capable of charging your most frequently-used gadgets.

IPHONE CYCLE MOUNT & WATERPROOF TOUGH CASE - http://www.gadgets-magazine.com/iphone-cycle-mount-waterproof-tough-case/

Cycle Mount with Waterproof, hard shell, tough case for the iPhone.

Sleek USB Flashlights - The ZeroHour USB Flashlight Keeps You Feeling Safe (GALLERY)

Sleek USB Flashlights

ZeroHour USB Flashlight - Thanks to ZeroHour Tactical USB Battery Flashlight, help will never be too far away, even in storms that leave you without electricity. The flas.

ZEROHOUR Tactical USB battery backup flashlight

Amy Truong & Aaron Son is raising funds for ZEROHOUR: Modular Tactical USB Battery Backup Flashlight on Kickstarter! lumen LED and of USB backup power. Rugged and waterproof for outdoors.

Encouraging! LED light that can be used if there is any one single AAA batteries 1

Panasonic Any Battery Light Fit all batteries emergency torch flashlight



Safer Plugs Come With A Switch    Switch Plug is a redesign of the plug to accommodate a switch and an LED strip. Why? So that we can switch on/off the device right from the plug-head, get a good grip whilst removing the plug and avoid sparks while unhooking it from the socket. The LED is an added bonus reminder, just to ensure that we practice green etiquette. Simple and effective!

Mashable from Mashable Smart Design: Switch Plug Saves Power [PICS] Did you know your devices use power even when they are turned off? This smart switch turns completely off to save energy.

A simple elastic band holds cards securely in place.

The Machine Era Wallet is fully machined from a solid block of material, after which the aluminum model is finished with a flat black anodized coating that adds