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Opossums kill ticks and prevent Lyme disease! DON'T HIT THEM! (I've always thought they were kinda cute)

3435 Opossums-While many woodland creatures harbor ticks and spread Lyme disease, opossums kill of ticks that land on them and a single opossum may be “hoovering up and killing” ticks every week and thereby protecting us from Lyme disease.

why i am going to nursing school.... well not to nurse koalas... but babies

Baby Koalas

Amazing story about baby koala's life in pictures.I need pet Koala babies

Funny pictures about Two Best Buddies Matching Clothes. Oh, and cool pics about Two Best Buddies Matching Clothes. Also, Two Best Buddies Matching Clothes photos.

Amazing Creatures: 30 Funny animal captions - part 10 (30 pics)

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