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Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life

Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life...what would the baby's sign say? Idiotic response, lady! But then it's all about ME isn't it?<<<<you are obviously a guy. How stupid can you be, it's her body, besides by the time they are killed the foetuses aren't even sentient!

Wooden sign quotes~ Anne Tyler quote~ I read so I can live more than one life in more than one place~, handmade wood sign, black & White

Yes, Conservatives, Want their Country Back to the good old days when WASP men dominated every aspect of life, they just don't want any of the responsibilities

"Most world religions denounced war as a barbaric waste of human life. We treasured the teachings of these religions so dearly that we frequently had to wage war in order to impose them on other people." Jon Stewart

for the anti-choicer that insists on trolling this page with comments that claim that pro-choice=pro-abortion/pro-infanticide/pro-death. Just because you can't wrap your head around some peoples' decisions in life doesn't mean you get to demean them or attack their character. Expand your mind or keep your mouth shut, please.

Human Have No Idea

It is up to the best of humankind to overcome the stupidity and greed of the rest of humankind and ensure that the planet is habitable for all of us and our mammalian, avian, apian, and piscine brothers and sisters


I often wonder if we as humans have become too 'reachable'. That is to say given the highly accessible nature of the internet are we allowed to 'log off'. I often feel paralyzed with anxiety over the expectation for participation in digital society.