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Hiding out in a cool place

Hiding out in a cool place

Frozen in time: World's best preserved baby mammoth

Exhibition staff members display a well-preserved baby mammoth, named Lyuba, in Hong Kong.

Bob the golden retriever is best friends with eight birds and a hamster.

A Golden Retriver, 8 Birds and A Hamster. Based in Brazil, along with his human owner and at least eight pet birds, ‘Bob’ is a golden retriever and his best friends–a chubby hamster and eight birds.

8 Easy DIY At Home Tips On How To Make Your Teeth Whiter | Gurl.com

8 DIY Tips and Tricks To Make Your Teeth Whiter

take a piece of the inside of a banana peel and gently rub around on your teeth for about 2 minutes. The amazing minerals in the peel like potassium, magnesium and manganese absorb into your teeth and whiten them.

What is poisonous to rabbits?

Some really cute rabbit wallpapers :). HD Wallpaper and background photos of Bunny Wallpapers for fans of Bunny Rabbits images.

No.. you're stomach makes you look fat...lol. I'm so mean!

Does this Shirt Make me Look FAT?: Cat is wearing a ping shirt Does this shirt make me look fat?

Dogs Diving Underwater - this brings back memories of Taffy and Khaki at my grandparents pool.

haha so funny! dogs jumping into water chasing a ball action shot!now all I need is an underwater camera.

This Guy Was Driving When He Noticed Something Strange In The Road. Look At What He Found... -   Misc

Funny pictures about Why Did The Sloth Cross The Road? Oh, and cool pics about Why Did The Sloth Cross The Road? Also, Why Did The Sloth Cross The Road?