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In Recognition of Mothers

We're gonna be celebrating Mother's Day here in the United States, and that gives me an occasion to tip my hat to those special women whom we honor every yea.

Moms and Sons

You know, many women these days report feeling anxious and insecure about the task of raising their sons.

Single Parent Blues

Take all the problems associated with parenting and multiply them by two. Now you have some idea of what I call the single parent blues—having twice the prob.

“Love consists in leaving the loved one space to be themselves while providing the security within which that self may flourish.” — Tony Judt

The Best Things Ever Said About Love

Love by Tony Judt. The ideal, right? the love and security, I know, works both ways.

Screw your sexy abs and your crossfit bullshit pins- the walrus will beat you every time with that sweet whiskered face and killer blubber draggin swagger.

Walrus Fitness :) This is hilarious and I also feel like this during Athletics.I am a Walrus when it comes to sit-ups.

Fatigue & Time Pressures

Fatigue and time pressure can undermine even the healthiest of marriages. Watch this feature video for Dr.