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When she took her life protecting Jace and then smiled, I was like what even woman. You trapped him in an electric prison and bruised his wrists with cuffs. Why are you smiling.   Then you figure out that she's his grandma and you literally wanna punch something. That's all I'm saying.   - Kara Zor-El
Prison break.... they definitely like each other!!!
"Harley Quinn Prison Outfit" by shadowhunter2017 ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Lust For Life, Juliska and Vince
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"We'll stay organised, stay on top of things. Leave no trail. Vanish from the grid."
ICARUS; was a bastard. In every literal sense that was, his mother hailed from the dying Lan-Feng dynasty and found herself in a foreign court with a pale king who would not stop until he bedded her. She bore the Tsar of Kosovko three children, two daughters and a son. They would never be heirs, though they would grow up only to dream of what the weight crown would feel like on their heads. Icarus was tired of dreaming.