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Famous Novels' First Sentences, Mapped [Infographic] | Popular Science

Famous Novels' First Sentences, Mapped [Infographic]

Famous Novels' First Sentences, Mapped [Infographic] | Popular Science

Don Quixote - Famous Novels' First Sentences, Mapped [Infographic]

" Artist Nicholas Knight features sentence diagrams in many of his drawings, collages, and wall installations. He diagrams quotes from famous artists and thinkers that highlight the interplay between meaning and structure. This work, Our Own Effort (Proust), represents Proust’s statement that “what we have not had to decipher and to clarify by our own effort, what was clear before we came, does not belong to us.” You can figure this out, through the clarifying effects of your own effort, if…

Nicholas Knight / Our Own Effort (Proust) / via 6 Creative Uses of Sentence Diagramming

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How William Faulkner Tackled Race — and Freed the South From Itself

Beautiful syntax.

Beautiful syntax.

Diagram from Florey [Corrections.]

What's wrong with this diagram?

A Picture of Language  By KITTY BURNS FLOREY  Before diagramming, grammar was taught by means of its drabber older sibling, parsing. Parsing is a venerable method for teaching inflected languages like Latin; the word itself is schoolboy slang derived from pars orationis, Latin for “a part of speech.”

A Picture of Language

"I really do not know that anything has ever been more exciting than diagramming sentences". - Gertrude Stein (I used to LOVE diagramming sentences! Do students still do this?

Printable List of Prepositions

List of Prepositions And Preposition Worksheets

With our printable list of prepositions you can make recognizing prepositional phrases easier. Separate these phrases from the sentence to understand sentences clearly.

"Sing in me, Muse ..." (Cottage Press's upcoming "Bards and Poets")

"Sing in me, Muse ..." (Cottage Press's upcoming "Bards and Poets")