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Why food allergy fakers need to stop

From gluten to garlic, diets and dislikes are being passed off as medical conditions. Chefs and real sufferers have had enough.

Are there any signs your child suffers from allergies? Allergies can be a little nuisance or a really big deal, depending on how severe they are. Getting the right treatment for them can make all t…

Hidden Allergens: Pink Peppercorns, Tree Nut Allergies and how an Amazon Reviewer Helped Solve a Mystery

Pink peppercorn could cause an allergic reaction to those allergic to tree nuts. .. it's related to a cashew

An Honest Discussion About Food Allergies & Sensitivities - Health, Nutrition

An Honest Discussion About Food Allergies & Sensitivities | via The Honest Company blog

Are you allergic to ragweed or grass? How about gluten or peanuts? Check to make sure your common foods are not cross reacting with your allergens! -

Yes, children can have a great Valentine’s Day without food! Valentine’s Day is all about showing LOVE to others…and what a great way to do that by making sure ALL kids are included in the fun. Her…