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❤✄◡ً✄❤ This robust but mechanically primitive model was marketed in the UK bearing the "Popular" marque. The machine in many ways resembles the more substantial offerings from German firm Muller, around the late 19th - early 20th century. -

❤✄◡ً✄❤ The earliest Challenge models - circa 1872 - were manufactured by the Royal Sewing Machine Co. exclusively for Joseph Harris (both of Birmingham, UK). These attractive lockstitch machines incorporate Shakespear & Illeston's patented shuttle transport system. -

The Spenser model shown here was this company's most basic model. An additional attachment was available...

Following close on the heels of the American Hand, this late 1880s Goodbody Mk1 machine appears to have overcome weaknesses found in earlier models of its type, due to a somewhat more sturdy construction.

Antique muller model 1a ~walking foot~ toy hand crank sewing machine ~pre-wwii

Antique Muller Model 1A Walking Foot Toy Hand Crank Sewing Machine Pre WWII | eBay

This second Dolly Varden slightly post-dates the previous example. In the USA these machines are commonly found bearing the "Home Shuttle" marque.