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Submission to Of The World's Weirdest Natural Foods (fruits+vegetables)'

Pitangatuba: Rare Fruit Seeds and Exotic Tropical Fruit Seeds

Pitangatuba: Rare Fruit Seeds and Exotic Tropical - grows on a pitangatubazeira.

Grow a square watermelon. This is really, really easy to do. (Note: you may be able to use this technique to grow other stuff in the form of a square ( actually in the form of a cube) and apply the general idea to other shapes.)

Grow a Square Watermelon

How to grow square watermelon. I just have to figure out how to make my watermelon grow this big in the first place!

Baie du miracle

La baie du miracle, un fruit rare extraordinaire

Miracle berry (Synsepalum dulcificum), also known as miracle fruit, has high economic value in the food industry

Rambutan = Grape+Watermelon

Rambutan is native to the Philippines and is usually associated with lychee, longan and mamoncillo

Personne personne mouais ;)...  LE DURIAN /// De forme ovale, assez gros puisqu’il mesure quelques 40 cm de longueur et pèse environ 5 kg, il a une caractéristique très particulière : son odeur pestilentielle ! Bon à savoir : il est souvent interdit dans les lieux et transports publics en Asie à cause de son odeur. Son goût est… spécial. Mais il est très apprécié en Asie.

20 Fruits Incroyables Que PERSONNE Ne Connaît.

Durian - tastes like a rich custard highly flavored with almonds, BUT has a smell likened to the smell of rotten onions, or gym socks.


Annona Reticulata, Bullocks heart or Suger Custard Apple Fruit 10 Seeds - One of my fave.