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"But times change and so must I."- The Doctor <<-- David Tennant's face is Killing Meee!

Weeping angels

Well at least they let Rory have Amy. Though the doctor lost all his Ponds.

This-->>At first I thought the Doctor was crying about Trenzalore, but he's not. The Doctor does not get emotional when it concerns himself. No, It's about River. The Doctor has kept River tucked away in his memory for so long. He hasn't mentioned her to anyone, just tried to remember the good times and forget the bad. But now, in this scene, Clara mentions River, and the emotions the Doctor has kept bottled up for so long come tumbling out.

"What oh no he's crying Doc is crying no please don't cry it'll be ok.I hope" my inner monologue at this bit

Doctor Who 7x04 - The Power of Three

by Sherry LippDoctor Who’s fourth episode of series seven is the penultimate episode featuring The Doctor’s (Matt Smith) companions Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory

Oi, spaceman!

The Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble--- my favorite pairing.

In the show, you can't really tell that he is kissing her back like you can here.

Doctor Who Confidential The Doctor/Rose Kiss OShea doctor-whovians

This was the episode that I fell for the Doctor. David and Sophia BTS The Girl In The Fireplace

David and Sophia BTS The Girl In The Fireplace