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060 Qing Emperor Yongzheng wood grain dragon bowl - 清雍正仿木纹描金龙纹碗.jpg (1000×970)

060、Qing Emperor Yongzheng wood grain dragon bowl - 清雍正仿木纹描金龙纹碗-2.jpg (1000×1146)

Jade bi-disc with a dragons-shaped knob and grain pattern Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 AD), civilization,cultural relic,historical relic,heritage,Chiness,China,eastasia,east asia,arts,art,fine arts,ancient,anthropology,Archaeology, Hebei Province

A Carved Archaic Yellow ( Royal ) Jade Grain Totem Emperor's Extremely Good Auspices Presented by Dragon and Phoenix Pendant 475 B.C. - 221 B.C. Eastern Zhou Dynasty Warring Times China H 7.5 x W 7.3 x Depth 0.7 cm 54 g 西元前475年至西元前221年中國東周戰國時期古黃 (皇) 玉透空鏤雕帝王用穀紋龍鳳呈祥珮 http://orionwebmuseum.blogspot.com http://taiwanwebmuseum.blogspot.com http://orionandhsu.blogspot.com http://art-3000.com/artist/orionandhsu/

Sacrifice for the Dragon king. The different thing between Chinese dragon and western dragon is Chinese Dragon is water Dragon they don't breath fire. So because China is a ancient agrarian nation, then water is very important for us. This kind of ritual is to pray to the dragon king to bless for a good crop weather in a year and bless the grain harvest.

Shennong: (the Divine Farmer) One of the mythological bearers of culture at the beginning of civilization."In ancient times people ate grasses and drank from rivers; they picked fruit from trees and ate molluscs and beetles. At that time there was much suffereing from illness and poisoning. So the Divine Farmer taught the people for the first time how to sow and cultivate the five grains." From China: The Land of the Heavenly Dragon edited by Professor Edward L. Shaughnessy

Ritual Grain Server (Gui) with Dragon Handles. China, Late Shang Dynasty, Late Anyang Phase or Early Zhou Dynasty, abt. 1100-950 B.C.

Rectangular Grain Container (Fu) with Interlaced Dragons. China, Early Eastern Zhou Dynasty, Spring and Autumn Period, 771-481 B.C.

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