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Tyrion nerd-herd-of-awesomeness

wicked_designs : I will make custom book charm jewelry gift for $5 on www

Game of Thrones character, Tyrion Lannister has been painted against the exterior wall of a terraced house on Herbrand Street, with the line (P)IMP - a reference to his mocking epithet, ‘The Imp’. on a side note peter dinklage is indeed a pimp.

Towering Sauron by BowersC (for my brother, geek art)

Sauron has many spies with many eyes. but only one of them is a bajillion feet tall and on fire. View "Infographic: How Tall is the Tower of Sauron?" and more funny posts on Dorkly

democratic protest graffiti - Google Search

Social Graffiti, I love it! Banksy, England based graffiti artist: "Keep your coins, I want Change" has seriously been my desktop pic forever.I want change.

George R.R. Martin's next book?    ...Not really, though I especially like the comment ostensibly from Joss Whedon.  :)

Funny pictures about A better title for the books. Oh, and cool pics about A better title for the books. Also, A better title for the books.

Internet Game of Thrones… "Ever Watching" would actually be one cool motto!

Funny pictures about Internet Game of Thrones. Oh, and cool pics about Internet Game of Thrones. Also, Internet Game of Thrones.

Beirute, Líbano

Art collective Dihzahyners, Set of stairs in Beirut, Lebanon, 2013 June

Octo elephant street art Graffiti by kelly street art Charge of the Graffiti Brigade, London art

Έφηβος σε ανήλικη χώρα. Από τη Βασιλική Τσουρή.

Banksy Dreams cancelled to buy online: Display this piece of modern contemporary canvas art on your wall

Amazing street artists from around the world | graffiti | colorful | art | rainbow skull | cool | 3D

15 Brilliant Street Artists, Who Aren't Banksy

Street Art by txemy in Barcelona, Spain i don't normally like skull art but this is beautiful