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And he had tears in his eyes when the bunny said "I'm a bunny. The Easter Bunny. People believe in me" Excuse me while I sob

Bland Marvel Headcanons

Bland Marvel Headcanons- Steve really needs a dog *** ACCEPTED! // another headcanon, they play frisbee using his shield

Lol Joss' is the best!!! <--- I love both Chris wanna be the other one. Ha!

Everyone is being funny or maybe semi-serious. And then there's Tom being all humble and a good role model. Too adorable. Tom, you are perfect

❂ where the gypsies roam ❂

Right in The Feels << That bottom gif is excellent-Thor looks like he's dancing in the background on the gif XD

i wish i could've witnessed this miracle

i wish i could've witnessed this miracle

This would have been awesome! The teamwork, especially that on Team Cap, was some of my favorite part of the movie. Like when Wanda used her powers to catapult Cap into the building

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Tom's... unique.

All of them are so adorable! But I LOL when Ben said that legendary sentence. XD James McAvoy, Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Fassbender, Tom Hiddleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith at Top Gear. Not in that order.