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Hansel and Gretal

Re-Spun Tales; Hansel and Gretel “ Hansel and Gretel defeats the witch and when they toss her into the fire, she whispers to Gretel, “beware the house.” Gretel doesn’t understand until they find.

Gall-Peters Projection world map | While originally created by James Gall in 1885, the Gall-Peters Projection came into public consciousness in 1967 when Arno Peters championed it as a more accurate representation of the size of countries. It was considered controversial for calling into question the way the "third-world" is represented.

19 Maps That Will Help You Put The United States In Perspective

A Peters projection map is like the Behrmann Equal Area projection where it has cylindrical equal-area projection. The Peters Projection map distorts the area exaggeration in the high lattitues by de-emphasizing them.

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