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The city at the northern tip of Seneca Lake has had a resurgence in the past five years.

We all have friends who we'd like to be able to see more of, but here are some folks who decided to do something about it. These four couples have been best friends for 20 years, but didn't get to spend time together as much as they liked. So, they decided to pool their money and buy a piece of land on the Llano River, not far from Austin, Texas. Check it out!

15 Perfect Holiday Gifts for the Impossible-to-Shop-For People

Personalization goes a long way. And this is the easiest way to do it. Just head to the site, print out a customized label, and place on your recipient's favorite Josh Cellars varietal. Done. Josh Cellars Wine Bottle with Customized Label, $10-$15;

Article about raising your kids in the city. That is not the choice for everyone. But it can be great for those who are intentional. In my opinion, that is the key regardless of city or country. It is inentionality, perspective, and faith.