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Sources: Bills WR Watkins had surgery near hip

Bill was born with cerebral palsy and never gave up on life. He was told by others that he would be unemployable but he refused to go on disability. He became a very successful salesman for the Watkin's Company.

Demonstrates in detail how to build low-cost, low-tech, yet high-quality kilns and varied firing techniques. This work includes plans ranging from an easy, affordable and versatile Raku Kiln to a unique wood-fuelled Downdraft Stovepipe Barrel kiln.

This is the reason I began selling Watkins Products! This earnest movie about a door-to-door salesman with cerebral palsy (based on the true story of Bill Porter)

Ten Things I Learned from Bill Porter: The Inspiring True Story of the Door-to-Door Salesman Who Changed Lives by Shelly Brady Bill Porter, a Watkins salesman with cerebal palsy, has been featured in a Portland Oregonian story that was reprinted in Reader’s Digest and an episode of 20/20 in 1995 that is still one of their highest rated segments with the most viewer response. In March of 2002, TNT will air the made-for-television movie starring William H. Macy, Helen Mirren, and Kyra…