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Magazine spread layout design using huge type to bring line to the layout and separate the photo from the editorial.

25 Ways To Design an Awesome Poster and Create a Buzz For Your Next Event – Design School

25 Ways To Design an Awesome Poster and Create a Buzz For Your Next Event

This poster uses a simple design (a singular wine glass) and lets the elaborate typography become the focal point. However, the font is not too whimsical as to distract from the wine glass or message of the poster.

The Book Cover Archive: World War II Behind Closed Doors, design by Jason Booher

World War II Behind Closed Doors Author: Laurence Rees Genre: Non-Fiction Design Info: Designer: Jason Booher Photographer: Corbis

Exposition Dada Max Ernst

Opening Max Ernst, the "Dada Exposition" poster, a rarity. It's debatable whether Ernst considered himself a Dadaist or a classical Surrealist.


Essay about sickle cell disease Free Health essays. Sickle cell disease is an inherited blood disease which arises because of defect in beta-globin gene, a protein component of hemoglobin.

1476324_574261192642839_237144249_n.jpg (672×960)

1476324_574261192642839_237144249_n.jpg (672×960)


GOOD (Blog - By Jessie Kay)

A beautifully-designed, interactive infographic about water usage. - great way for product students to communicate information in the research phase of a project.


Party Time: Los Angeles, I’m Yours X National Forest X The Standard Hollywood